Wisconsin farmer satisfied with soybean trial plot and overall yields


Wisconsin farmer satisfied with soybean trial plot and overall yields

A Wisconsin farmer who regularly experiments with soybean planting dates and row spacing is very pleased with this year’s yields. Ryan Nell told Brownfield: “Every bean and corn field we have done so far this year has been a record for this field. “

Nell cultivates 22 hundred acres near Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, with about half the soybeans and half the corn, and 100 acres of wheat. Nell planted a test plot on March 22sd. “We made seven different spacings between the rows. Thirties, twinned thirties, fifteen’s, 45’s, sixties, two row sixties, and then it’s a 60 inch twin row with a 20 inch twin row.

Nell says the twin 30-inch test plot produced 94.89 bushels per acre, and the regular 30-inch rows had 93.98 bushels per acre, and even after replanting a few fields after two frosts last spring, the farm average was over 70 bushels. per acre… and he’s not the only one to be successful. “I have another neighbor, and he believes as much as I do in strip soybeans and early planting, and they see the same positive results with yields, where it’s like, damn cow, there are some good beans. in the zone.”

Nell says he now wishes he had contracted a little more soy than he did, but he’s now moving a lot to market and saving space in his corn bin.

Nell finished harvesting the soybeans on Tuesday and is doing some gang work before combining the corn.

Nell tells Brownfield that Mother Nature provided him with almost ideal conditions, as he is in an area where drought hit just to the south and it was wetter to the north.

Ryan Nell did a soy test by planting a few acres last December, but says it didn’t work due to partial thaws and refreezes in January and February.