Wedmore Celebrates First Harvest Home Festival in Two Years

Celebrations were underway in Wedmore on Saturday August 20 as the harvest house returned for the first time in two years.

This day has been celebrated since 1919 and gives the village community the opportunity to thank local farmers for their hard work and produce.

The fun started with crowning the king and queen of Harvest Home. Flossie Hole said she was “so excited” for the procession to begin.

Several tanks lined up on Church Street during the morning, before making their way through the streets of the village.

Claire Willcox, who oversaw the procession and was part of the ‘Save the Bees’ float, said: “If we didn’t have bees to pollinate, we as farmers wouldn’t have our crops. It’s just so important to make sure we take care of the wildlife and the countryside, so we can put food on the table.

After the procession, people went to a marquee at Wedmore Recreation Ground where a meal was prepared using local produce.

Local butcher Alan Hector, who supplied meat to Harvest Home for many years, said: “Traditionally this represented the end of the harvest. When the local farmers used to get all the workers together and have a harvest house, as they called it, so they could all celebrate the end of the year.

“But fortunately, all the inhabitants who have since settled in the village like to come and participate. So it’s more of a big party with everyone these days.

Pictured: Scenes from Saturday’s Harvest Home event (Pictures: Wedmore Harvest Home)