Waverly Farmer’s Facebook page shows a single growing corn stalk; 500 people and 15 classrooms nationwide watch | Agriculture

“We’re busy all year round,” Peterson said. “We don’t just leave once it’s planted. “

Peterson said she plans to continue monitoring corn growth next season and will measure night and morning to see if the old womens story that corn only grows at night is accurate.

Growing up a city kid, Peterson’s connection to farming was an opportunity to spend the summer on his grandparents’ farm, which is a big part of why Peterson studied agricultural affairs at the ‘University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Now, being involved with the County, State, and American Farm Bureau groups, Peterson has established a platform and resources to share what she does. She also received a lot of support from the Lancaster County Agricultural Office, which purchased several copies of “A Year on the Farm” to put in classrooms.

Peterson’s favorite part of being able to bond farming, whether it’s through his book or the Farmer Paula Facebook page, is seeing that “aha moment” from people of all ages.

“If you can start with the kids, it’s easier to go up than down,” Peterson said. “The kids are excited about what we’re doing on the farm and come home and tell mom and dad what they’re learning, and then they’re excited about it. I think that’s where we’re going to be the strongest.