VIDEO: 65-year-old Egyptian farmer goes viral with his dance after a good harvest

A video capture shows Fawzi Al-Saiti dancing on the pitch.

Gulf Report Today

A video clip has gone viral on social networking site Facebook showing an Egyptian farmer’s joy as he dances while harvesting wheat (The Yellow Gold) before delivering it to barns and silos for storage in the governorate to which he belonged.

Fawzi Al-Saiti, 65, is one of the oldest and most famous farmers in Beheira Governorate in Egypt.

He explained that he was descended from Bedouin origins which extended to the Arab tribes of Libya, and that he worked in agriculture, his father and grandfather were also farmers, in this region whose land is leased for decades.

Commenting on the video topping social media sites, he said, “Since my childhood, I have planted wheat like my father and grandfathers. I was very happy with the harvest. My cousin Hani came to see me in my field and told me that this year’s harvest was good…”

Hearing this, “I happily danced with him.”

Regarding the productivity of the wheat harvest on his land, Al Saiti said, “One acre produced 25 Ardeb, and when I saw the production, I was ecstatic.”

Ardeb, unit of capacity used for dry measurement in Egypt and neighboring countries, officially equivalent in Egypt to 5.62 US bushels.

Fawzi, who lives in a remote village, tells his story, which has been talked about in various media. He said this as if I was a minister… This is all because one of our children posted a video and I am rich in the wheat harvest,” adding, “All that matters is is that I was happy because my acres of land the land brought more than 25 Ardebs, and that is more than anyone in the whole side.