“The best corn I’ve ever grown” for a northeast Missouri farmer

MADISON, Mo. — As he harvested a field of corn in a fairly flat part of Monroe County, Patrick O’Bannon kept staring at the yield monitor, marveling at the story it was telling.

This field was averaging 223.3 bushels per acre, and he said parts of the middle of the field were averaging 250. It was a combination of technology, good management and good weather that led to these yields.

“I really can’t believe it,” O’Bannon said. “That’s the best corn I’ve ever grown 35 to 40 bushels.”

He said the rains this summer had been scattered and even a few miles south had missed some key rains, but his area had received the moisture it needed at the right times.

“We were in a garden,” O’Bannon said. “If you go south even 3 miles, they haven’t had that much rain.”

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He farms in northeast Missouri with his family, including his father, Mike, and said they had spring planting delays due to cold, wet weather. The corn harvest had started a little later than usual for him, in the last week of September, and the field he was harvesting had been planted a week and a half in May.

“I like to plant my maize in April,” he said.

It was 109 day old corn and the moisture was about 19%, but he was planning on storing the corn and drying it out a bit more in the bin.

So far, the soybean crop appears to be doing well.

“I’ve heard exceptional returns,” O’Bannon said.

He intended to make the most of the good harvest weather that started in September and continued through October.

“It couldn’t be better,” he said. “There is no rain forecast for the next six or seven days.”