Stardew Valley: 5 Modules Every Farmer Needs

Stardew Valley has thousands of mods available for free on PC, and these five great mods are all about improving basic aspects of the game.

Valley of stars is among the most popular games to modify, which is all the more impressive since the game was created by one person. The passionate fan base continues to enrich the game, and the modding possibilities keep growing with frequent updates from the developer, even as he works on his next project. Haunted Chocolatier.

There are a wide variety of mods to suit each player. Some are aimed at improving the base game, adding things like new crops, new animals, new buildings, etc. While some completely change the look of the game, changing the artwork and adding content the size of an expansion pack to the world. While all new content is nice, sometimes it’s best to keep the feel of the game and subtly improve what’s on offer, which is exactly what these five mods do. . And so, here are five mods that are just meant to make the game better.

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Yet another harvest with Scythe Mod

Picking crops in Valley of stars can be incredibly calming, but as the farm grows it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the crops. With the short day cycle, most of a day can be spent picking crops one by one on a large farm, which can range from calm to monotonous. As the name suggests, Yet another harvest with Scythe Mod makes it so large amount of crops can be harvested at once with one scythe shot. This dramatically cuts harvest time, and many fans argue that the Mechanic should be in the game already.


Valley of stars starts out feeling simple, but quickly becomes a ton of available tasks each day. While a mental to-do list helps, there is usually one that gets overlooked or left until the last minute of the day. A season may pass and one realizes that a seasonal type of fish has been missed and will not be around for a long time.

This is where the module dew happens, as the mod provides a handy to-do list that can be pinned to the side of the screen. Users can keep track of what to do and check when something is done. The list even includes tasks that can be filtered by season, time, weather and more, so nothing is missed.

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Chest tag system

Although it is the smallest mod on this list, Chest tag system is one of those mods that fits in so naturally that it feels like it’s always been a part of the game. While the base game offers the ability to color-code chests, the amount of available objects means that the organization can quickly become overwhelming. The safe tag system allows safes to have their own description when hovered over with the cursor. While it doesn’t sound that fancy, it saves a lot of time searching through vaults for a specific item and makes organization a lot easier.

Chests anywhere

Continuing with chest enhancements, mods Chests anywhere Is that exactly what it says on the tin. No matter where on the map, every chest is accessible through the inventory screen, so any item can be picked up from anywhere. Although it might be a bit too powerful for newbies Valley of stars, longtime gamers will be grateful for this feature. The slow travel speed and short days mean time has to be spent wisely, and it can be incredibly long to get somewhere like the mines to forget to bring food and have to go home.

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User interface information suite

Despite Valley of stars offering a bunch of useful information around the map, this can sometimes seem like a drawback during the day. For example, to know the luck of the day, every morning you have to select the fortune teller on television. And figuring out what items are needed for the community center can often require frequent trips.

The module User interface information suite aims to make things more practical by adding visual details to the world. Today’s luck is visualized by an icon in the corner, and hovering over items will show if they are part of a bundle, animals will have icons above them when they need help. hugs and much more. All this aims to provide clearer information and to avoid wasting time during the day.

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