Producers talk about 2022 season at Farmer Appreciation Luncheon –

We spoke with several growers at this year’s Farmer Appreciation Luncheon, and Garrett Gall of Gall Farms says this season has started with an awfully wet and late start.

It describes how things went from that point.

“But we got everything in, and we were lucky that the equipment was working well, and everything went well to put the crop in. Things are growing and the humidity is coming in quite as a result now and things have started well. We’ll see how the harvest goes later this fall.Things are looking pretty optimistic so far from where we are.

Gall adds that they grow grains, soybeans, canola and spring wheat.

“Hopefully the markets will stay in place and growers have been able to pull out all of their crops this year,” Gall continues.

He says fertilizer prices got off to a rough start at the start of the season, but things have adjusted more appropriately.

“Prices are kind of marginal now, I guess,” notes Gall.

(RL) Garrett Gall, Doug Gall and Diana Gall

Larry Bosc recounts his experience at his farm near Saint-Claude so far.

“The harvests are great. We’ve had a good start,” notes Bosc, “as long as there’s not a lot of hail and so on because of the bad weather. But I think it will be a lot of volume this year.”

Bosc notes that he grows canola, wheat, beans and oats. Although he says they watch out for hail, there’s not much they can do about it. Bosc adds that they haven’t suffered any losses so far which is fortunate.

He adds that it’s actually better than last year and its dryness with more humidity and more rain this time around.

Bosc(LR) Matthieu Deqier, Georgette Bosc and Larry Bosc