Polish farmer will not sell land, harvests field surrounded by apartments

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  • A Polish farmer was asked to sell his land to a real estate developer and refused.
  • Now he’s harvesting his land right in the middle of an apartment complex and the videos are unexpected and amazing.
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Michal Myslowski wanted nothing to do with the continued development of his once rural Polish town and refused to sell his land. As a result, the farmer harvests his field surrounded by apartment complexes and it makes quite the view.

A video recently went viral that shows Myslowski driving his combine through a wheat field a few steps from neighboring properties. Her grain harvesting machine looks incredibly out of place, but that’s what makes her so awesome.

As new complexes take hold, Myslowski’s harvest serves as a middle finger for humans.

In Lublin, arable fields cover almost 4,000 hectares (just under a third of the entire city) and there are around 2,800 farms. Winter wheat is most often sown in the region, and there are more pigs than trolleybuses.

An unusual harvest.

Of these 2,800 farms in Lublin, Myslowski is perhaps the most unique. His field of what appears to be wheat divides the Jantarowa Street complex which was built in 2015.

With apartments lined up on either side, Myslowski’s land splits right in the middle.

While the builders were likely frustrated with the lack of a sale, the residents who live in the apartments have no complaints. In fact, some of them greatly appreciate the view.

Myslowski can often be seen year round plowing his land, planting seeds and tending to his crops from windows and balconies. While dust and noise can be a drop off, it’s best to look at the concrete or a neighbor’s window.

And during the harvest season, it gives a surprising but pleasant view of the agricultural system.

Myslowski says he has no plans to sell his land and will continue to work the land as long as he is able. Take that, Polish company.