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Ever since the NFT Boom in 2021, the Metaverse has always surprised us with interesting, world-changing NFT projects. From Cryptopunks to Bored Apes, you name it.

Today we have yet another NFT project with lots of cool stuff. From Airdrops, Genesis even has the ability to extract tokens. Metis Farmer NFT Project is one of the latest developing NFTs which has a great vision for the future.

Today we are going to dig deeper and discuss Metis Farmer NFTs.

Métis Farmer NFT | History and details of the project

The story of the NFT project begins with Métis farmers who is the central character of the NFT project. They were ordinary farmers who lived their lives happily harvesting their crops and doing the usual agricultural things. However, who would have thought this would happen, their fate was about to completely change their lives.

One tragic day, 10,000 farmers suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. There were no explosions, nor magical forces, nor visits from unidentified species. There were no more clues.

The 10,000 missing farmers suddenly woke up in uncharted territory, a new world they had never seen before. They were surrounded by buildings and environments that were foreign to them. The farmers then asked themselves, “Why were they here? “. And the answer to this question was given by a spectral being who introduced himself to them and explained to them that they were a dying race, unable to harvest the crops and that they needed the half-breed farmers to help them to survive.

While farmers need to unlock the potential of the new environment and seek value. Whether the farmers will find a way back home is debatable – or maybe they could!.

Métis Farmer NFT Project Details

Metis Farmer has a collection of 10,000 unique and rare NFTs unlike any other NFT in the community. It is part of a large metaverse called Metis Farm Metaverse.

The NFT originally consists of 100 unique and rare traits, a few of which only have a rarity ratio of 1:1. The possibility of getting your hands on these is less, but certainly not impossible .

The First Metis Farmer NFT consists of the Genesis collection which has 3000 NFTs. Genesis NFTs are like the founding figures of 1st Generation NFTs. They are unique, rare and have a higher value. The one unrelated to genesis has about 7,000 NFTs, making a total of 10,000 Metis Farmer NFTs.

Metis Farmer NFT has some really cool utilities, the first being Genesis Mining and the second being Island Airdrops.

With a strong vision for the future and the NFT community, the Metis Farmer NFT project is easily one of the best NFT projects currently in development.

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is basically the first utility given to genesis holders from the NFT project. It is a very powerful way to give back to the community and the early adopters and holders are basically able to mine governance tokens. More details on Genesis Mining can be found in the Projects Litepaper here: https://metis-farmer.gitbook.io/litepaper/metis-farmer-nft/genesis-nft/genesis-mining

Here, holders can stake their Genesis NFT and will be rewarded with $ WHEAT Token, which is the official governance token of the project.

With a maximum of 10 NFTs that can be staked on their DAPP, while each NFT will have what is known as Agricultural power. All holders will have their NFT with 10 Farm Power and the more NFTs you have, the greater the power of the farm and the rewards will be.

Airdrops on the island

Island Airdrops is a really cool concept from the Metis Farmer NFT project. Essentially, the island is a whole new world, where an NFT holder can plant, harvest, craft, and mine resources.

And yes, it’s like a game where you play to earn rewards.

Additionally, you can sell your game resources for the game token.

Early Access

With the project currently developing at a rapid pace, the utilities don’t stop there. More utilities are bound to come into the project and to get access to all of these utilities, holders are given early access, allowing them to experience the utilities first-hand.

Metis Farmer NFT Fall Dates and Mint Dates

With all the exciting developments happening, Metis Farmer NFTs will be deleted on April 13 at 18:00 UTC.

So get your Crypto wallets ready, if you don’t have one, you can easily get one by creating a Metamask account.

Join the Metis Farmer NFT community!

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