Madhya Pradesh farmer deploys 3 guards and 6 dogs to protect this rare mango variety worth 2.7 lakh/kg

RPG Group President Harsh Goenka has shared photos of a breed of ruby-colored Japanese mangoes that are touted as the most expensive mangoes in the world. According to Goenka, a farmer from Madhya Pradesh grows a variety of Miyazaki mangoes on a farm in Jabalpur. This rare variety of mango is sold at 2.7 lakh per kg.

The industrialist said farmer Parihar deployed six dogs and three security guards to secure the two trees of the Miyazaki mango breed.

According to a report by ANI news agency, Parihar, the farmer got the Miyazaki sapling from a man while traveling by train. The couple had no idea the tree would bear ruby-colored Japanese mangoes.

Miyazaki mangoes are often called “Sun Eggs” (Taiyo-no-Tamago in Japanese).

Mangoes take their name from the city in Japan where they are grown.

The city’s warm weather, long hours of sunshine and heavy rains have enabled farmers in Miyazaki to grow mangoes, according to the local report.

On average, the weight of a mango is about 350 grams. These mangoes are grown during the peak harvest season between April and August. Miyazaki mangoes are shipped all over Japan and their production volume is the second in Japan after Okinawa.

Miyazaki mangoes are rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and folic acid.

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