Madhya Pradesh: Farmer commits suicide, relatives blame debt burden | Bhopal News

KHARGONE: A 40-year-old farmer reportedly committed suicide on Sunday at his farm in Malgaon region, Khargone district. This is the third suicide of farmers in the state this week.
Relatives of Ashok Bijgawaniya said he was depressed because he could not repay his bank loans, but police and administration said they had not yet determined what led to the suicide. Badwah Division Magistrate Anukul Jain said Ashok took poison in his field and was found unconscious. He was taken to hospital but died during treatment.
A joint team of agriculture and tax officials said he owns 6 acres of land, a house, a tractor and a two-wheeler. He had planted tomatoes in his fields after harvesting a crop of cotton and chilli.
The farmer received a recall in September
Ashok had taken out an agricultural loan of Rs. 1.7 lakh in 2013 and a mortgage loan of Rs. 3 lakh in 2015 from the Bangarda branch of Bank of India. His account was labeled NPA in December 2019 and the bank was requesting reimbursement of Rs 4.25 lakh through notice, the SDM said.
Jain said they are investigating why his loan was not canceled during the state government’s waiver program.
Bank manager Ashutosh Anand told TOI that Ashok had a membership fee of Rs 4.25 lakh but had to pay Rs 2.5 lakh after a settlement via Lok Adalat in July. He had paid 10% of it and, according to the rules, had to pay the rest in 90 days, otherwise the settlement would be canceled. He did not reimburse and received a reminder in September. Ashok had apparently said that he would be able to pay after the harvest of his crop.