Lowest number of farmer suicides in Nashik district since 2014 | Nashik News

Nashik: The district administration recorded a total of 23 farmer suicide cases in 2021, the lowest since 2014.
According to the records, of the 23 farmers, relatives of 14 have received government assistance, while two applications are being processed. The administration also denied the claims of seven families. “The number is the lowest since 2014 due to several factors including family reunification and the provision of credit to farmers over the past two years by banks,” said District Collector Suraj Mandhare.
The year 2014 saw 42 suicides committed and the number crossed the 100 mark in 2017 when 104 cases were reported. The peak was reached in 2018 with 108 cases. However, since 2019, the number of cases has started to decline with 69 cases recorded that year, followed by 44 in 2020.
According to Mandhare, the task force has also done good work advising farmers on various issues. Also, all other departments have come together to help farmers get credit and help them buy things on time.
“Bank credit to farmers has been the highest in the past two years. So more and more farmers have come under the guarantee of banks which is also an insurance factor against getting loans from private lenders,” Mandhare said.
The authorities noted that agricultural programs were presented to farmers by the department, which ensured that farmers understood the government’s role in this area and the support provided to them.
“Additionally, post-harvest programs, good market prices, help with making things available, and help with adverse weather conditions have helped farmers gain confidence and stopped them from taking extreme measures,” authorities noted.