High-tech, low-cost methods bring state laurel to farmers

Kozhikode farmer who earns ₹4 lakh annual profit minimally uses external labor

Kozhikode farmer who earns ₹4 lakh annual profit minimally uses external labor

Variety is the spice of this farmer’s life. Joshy Joseph, winner of this year’s Farmer’s Award in the high-tech farm category, says farming is a profitable business if done creatively with minimal labor expenditure. In his five-acre plot at Karinchola in the Kattippara panchayat, he grows almost all varieties of crops, fruits and vegetables for a steady daily income.

“I make a very good income from my only vegetable cultivation, which I undertake in a large polyhouse,” explains the 44-year-old entrepreneur who has been farming for more than two decades. He is particularly interested in hybrid crops with high yield and good disease resistance.

Effective Marketing

He says he has many crops on his farm that are not available outside. A graduate in economics, he is also an expert in effectively marketing his products on the open market. Mr. Joseph attributes his success to the minimal use of outside labor to grow or market his produce.

work for 12 hours

“Every day, starting at 6 a.m., I spend at least 12 hours in the field. My parents, my wife and my two children have been a huge source of support,” says Mr. Joseph.

He adds that the state award really came as a surprise to the whole family. What caught the attention of the award committee was the innovative method of intercultural cultivation ensuring the protection of soil, water and the organic nature of the soil. He installed a drip irrigation system to make optimal use of the water. Rainwater harvesting systems are also in place. There are also enough livestock to meet daily organic manure requirements.

For those who are skeptical about income-generating agriculture, it sets the record straight. From his five-acre land, he earns at least ₹4 lakh in profit every year, mainly from the sale of coconuts, pepper, cocoa, nutmeg, fruits, eggs, milk and vegetables.