Harvest Home | Local News

It was the last chance to savor Saturday’s harvest. The second season of the town’s Farmer’s Market ended with approximately 1,300 customers throughout the morning and more than $200 in seasonal donations going to the six local food pantries.

Market Manager Heather Porreca was thrilled with the success of the season, which consisted of 700 volunteer hours, 1,500 customers per week and 60 actively rotating vendors.

In addition, nearly a dozen volunteers from the Attleboro Youth Commission donated their time to pitch the tents and assist the vendors.

“Honestly, our only setback was Mother Nature,” Porreca said.

Eddie Porreca noted that the market expectation was to educate the community about the needs of food pantries and the people they serve.

“It was our big mission for the year, so mission accomplished,” Porreca said. “Any money we could help them raise was a bonus.”

Heather Porreca was also overwhelmed by the unanimous support from the citizens of the city.

“The most important service we provided to the city was access to fresh fruits and vegetables every week,” she said.

As of 11:30 a.m. Saturday, 1,074 customers had passed through the market, with Heather Porreca estimating an additional 200 customers for the remaining hour of activity.

Local resident Christine Schwetz was carrying two shopping bags filled with purchases from Langwater Farm and Be Sweet Bakery, which caters to people with peanut allergies.

“I just like being able to go out on Saturday mornings and buy freshly picked vegetables, and I like that idea of ​​having food near me,” she said.

This will be the last year the Farmer’s Market will be held in the parking lot of the Attleboro Public Library on North Main Street. In June 2013, the Farmer’s Market will move to Finberg Field on Park Street, across from Bliss Bros. Dairy, and Porreca is looking forward to the new season.

“We already have big plans for next year…there’s more space and it’s a more natural place,” Porreca said. “We’re really looking forward to it.”