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Harvest Home Fair and Parade canceled due to COVID-19


CINCINNATI (FOX19) – The Harvest Home Fair and Parade, known as the ‘Biggest Little Fair’, has been canceled due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Pete Rebold, chairman of Harvest Home Fair, the decision was made because of concerns about the potential impact that could pose health risks to show attendees, as well as volunteers and staff.

“Holding the fair puts our volunteers and clients at risk, many of whom are part of a high-risk group,” he said.

There were also concerns about the services needed to support the fair, such as if public transport did not work, there would be no shuttles available to transport people to the fair from remote parking areas.

Fair officials further said that participation in popular events may be limited and even participation of high school groups in the parade, or performing on stage may be impossible if schools are not in session.

“We are all saddened to make this announcement,” said Rebold. “I had considered waiting to make a decision, but it is unfair for our supporters and suppliers to wait any longer. Fair or not Fair – the question was in the back of the mind of everyone associated with the Fair. And it seemed better if we removed that uncertainty, so everyone involved could plan accordingly. ”

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