Great British Beef Week, co-founded by a Devon farmer, gears up for its 11th year with a focus on sustainability

One of the nation’s favorite food campaigns, with deep roots in the Westcountry, returns next week to champion all that’s great about quality home-raised beef.

Great British Beef Week is the brainchild of Ladies in Beef, a voluntary organization of beef farmers founded in 2011 by Devon producer Jilly Greed and Wiltshire-based Minette Batters, now in its third term of two years as president of the National Farmers’ Union. (A F).

Now in its eleventh year, the popular national event celebrates British beef supplied by Red Tractor, with the entire supply chain from farmers to butchers, farm shops, processors, supermarkets and restaurants, all united to fly the iconic red meat flag of the UK.

UK beef farmers will receive industry-wide recognition at the end of April, with their support for environmental sustainability being the focus of Great British Beef Week 2022 (Picture: Daniel Graves Photography)

This year’s Great British Beef Week, which runs from 23-30 April, will focus on the theme of ‘environmental sustainability’, which is once again backed and underpinned by evidence and data from the Beef Development Council Agriculture and Horticulture (AHDB).

The aim is to highlight how the country’s farmers work tirelessly to produce some of the most sustainable beef in the world. Stories and infographics from real farms will be key to sharing the facts about UK beef production and its positive environmental credentials.

Jilly Greed, co-founder of Ladies in Beef and farmer in the Exe Valley, said: “The Great British Beef Week allows us to shine a light on all aspects of the beef production process. Our farmers are passionate about the beef they produce and are committed to providing high quality red meat for consumers to continue to enjoy.

“Sustainable land management is a fundamental responsibility of today’s farmer. This includes regenerative agriculture, improving meadows and pastures, planting trees, maintaining wildflowers for the bee population, or harvesting and watering rainwater for livestock.

Beef naturally provides iron and four essential vitamins (* niacin (B3), vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and riboflavin (B2) which help reduce fatigue and fatigue
Beef naturally provides iron and four essential vitamins (* niacin (B3), vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and riboflavin (B2) which help reduce fatigue and fatigue

Ms Greed, whose herd of suckler cattle grazes over 600 acres in the river grasslands of the Exe and Culm, added: ‘UK beef production has a carbon footprint of just under half the average worldwide and reflects the extremely important and positive work of our farmers. update to day.

The 2022 campaign will feature a number of special buyer-focused events across the country that will raise funds for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) charity, which provides financial support, practical care and advice. to farmers of all ages.

Ms Batters, who runs an agricultural and livestock farm near Salisbury, added: ‘We have the credentials to be world leaders in sustainable red meat production and help build the British food brand across the world. UK farmers already have ambitions to become net zero by 2040 and our beef production is already incredibly sustainable, with UK beef greenhouse gas emissions already below half the global average.

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