Grafton hosts the Harvest Home Festival every year

GRAFTON, Mass. – It was a perfect day for some fall festivities in Grafton as the community showed up on Sunday for the 15th Annual Harvest Home Fall Festival.

The festival was hosted by the Community Harvest Project, a nonprofit farm that donates its fresh fruits and vegetables through the Hunger Relief Network in central and eastern Massachusetts. The event included family activities like hay walks, a petting zoo, a bird scaring contest, food and live music.

But crowd favorites were the Apple Cannons where people could take turns shooting apples from over 300 feet, and the Trebuchet where volunteers tossed pumpkins into the sky. The Community Harvest Project says they are excited not only to provide nutritious food to those in need, but also to bring the community together.

“We are very happy to be in Grafton since 2002 and we have an orchard in Harvard, Massachusetts,” said Tori Buerschaper, executive director of the Community Harvest Project. “We strive to be a place not only to provide food for the community, but it is a community space to come together to meet other people, spend time outdoors, reach out to others. dough and do something meaningful where they can all give back together to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to our community. ”

Proceeds from Sunday’s event will go to next year’s Community Harvest for Agriculture project for the fight against hunger. 280,000 books of products were distributed to people in need this year.