From stripping and drought to beef steaks and rattlesnakes

Equally entertaining was Kellie Blair, the other part of the 2021 reporting duo. She wears a lot of hats – Iowa farmer, farm maid, mother, agronomist, Sunday school teacher, direct beef trader, environmentalist, and the like – and freely admits that juggling them all isn’t always pretty. . The honesty of compromise was always evident in our weekly discussions.

And that’s what makes this series special – it’s real stuff about real people. Readers often complain that we need to imprint more on the human side of agriculture – to recount its thrills of victory and defeat. View From the Cab does this.

This year, the two farmers had to contend with drought conditions. Blair’s Iowa soils sucked in all the moisture and clung together to produce above-average crop yields. Wieck found himself panting until late with 6.6 inches of total precipitation from January 1 through mid-November. Weft.

Speaking of woof, we cried when Wieck’s dog Boo ran away. Cheers of joy when the two farmers had new puppies. Farmers identified supply chain issues early in the season. Rising prices and concerns about nitrogen availability for the next year left Blair Farm with no choice but to apply anhydrous in the fall for the first time.

Meanwhile, the two farmers had more than a few laughs and Google searches for the title that they were simultaneously stripping in their respective regions in November. Blair filed one of his latest reports while doing strip tillage – plowing narrow strips of soil to plant corn until next spring. Wieck used to harvest the pickling cotton with the harvesting machine they call a “stripper” rather than a picker. And it was also a shocking thing – the dry conditions were so bad that even the chains that Wieck was dragging were not enough to prevent static electricity from disturbing the electronics of the machine.

“It’s always something” became the motto of the season as these two young farmers took on 4-H shows and rattlesnakes. They discussed the weed concerns and how to use the manure, the technology and everything in between.

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