FiiZK wins harvest cage contract – Fish Farmer Magazine

Aquaculture technology provider FiiZK will provide salmon farmers Pure Norwegian Seafood with a closed harvest cage.

The announcement follows the announcement earlier this week of another contract for FiiZK, supplying two semi-closed cages to Osland Havbruk.

FiiZK will deliver Certus Harvest to the Pure Norwegian Seafood harvesting plant in Averøy. This facility will allow the harvesting plant to avoid the direct unloading of well boats, freeing up valuable well boat capacity and maintaining a biosecure harvest.

Pure Norwegian Seafood produces caviar and Atlantic salmon and also operates processing and freezing facilities.

Since 2020, the Certus Harvest model has been in service at the Salmosea harvesting plant. Certus Harvest has three separate cages with a total storage capacity of 750 tonnes of fish and is installed next to the existing holding cages of the harvesting plant. The floating neck measures 18 x 74 meters and a strong industrial PVC fabric encloses the production volume. Large volumes of seawater are pumped and distributed throughout the cage using several mixers.

The cage environment is continuously monitored and documented by a network of sensors. Oxygen is added automatically if necessary. Wastewater is pumped into a water purification line with filtration and UV treated. The control and management system provides automatic cage operation, monitoring of operating components and a built-in alarm system to sound in case of deviations from normal operation.

Eldar Henden, Managing Director of PNS, said: “The agreement with FiiZK gives our slaughterhouse significantly more production flexibility and will be able to free up capacity for the well boats.

The installation will be ready for use in the summer of 2022.