Farmer’s Footprint invites people to join its three-week regenerative gardening class and community experience just in time for spring and Earth Day

Farmer Greg and Farmer’s Footprint invite people to join their immersive three-week course in regenerative gardening and have a community experience just in time for spring and Earth Day.

Hosted by Farmer Greg, a Southern California agrarian with a passion for growing organic food and co-founder of Sea and Soil, the Farmer’s Footprint Regenerative Gardening Course is for the beginning gardener. The easy-to-follow, fun and informative three-week course is perfect for anyone who’s always wanted to grow their own food but aren’t quite sure where to start.

“There is simply no substitute for growing your own food. It’s a win-win on all fronts. For the planet, for communities and for our personal health. The nutritional value of foods grown by you and for you and your loved ones far exceeds store-bought foods. The intention you put into planting seeds and caring for the plants is reciprocated in the nourishment they offer,” says Farmer Greg, the expert guide who runs The Garden Club Experience.

Joining the Spring Edition of the Farmer’s Footprint Garden Club grants access to:

– Live and Q&A sessions with expert producer, Farmer Greg,
– Step-by-step infographics, video tutorials and course materials hosted through an easy-to-use online platform and mobile app,
– Immersive visual and educational tools for all learning styles,
– Extensive library of professional gardening tips and tricks.

Each module includes a core lecture and additional material covering topics such as the fundamental pillars of soil health and nutrient density and how to control weeds and pests in a regenerative system, as well as other practices and recommendations to implement.

“The Regenerative Gardening Course and Community Experience begins April 25. So reserve your place in time to start your Spring Garden, by registering here,” continues farmer Greg.

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“Our course is more than a basic gardening tutorial on how to grow your food. It invites you to reflect more deeply on your spiritual connection to the earth, to develop food security and to ensure that your diet contains the most nutrient dense foods Encouraging a sense of belonging where everyone is welcome and questions are considered part of the learning journey is at the heart of our approach.

“Whether you have access to a few containers, a community garden, or your backyard, there’s never been a better time to celebrate planet earth and experience the joy of harvesting your first fresh vegetables from her gentle soil. Get hands-on with Farmer Greg and a dynamic group of people committed to starting an imperfectly beautiful spring garden,” says Farmer Greg.

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About the Farmer’s Footprint

Farmer’s Footprint is a coalition of farmers, educators, doctors, scientists and business leaders that aims to expose the human and environmental impacts of chemical farming and provide a way forward through agricultural practices. regenerative.

About Farmer Greg

Greg Reese is a Southern California agrarian passionate about growing organic food and co-founder of Sea and Soil, a nonprofit collective committed to reconnecting and regenerating ecosystems and communities.

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