Farmer neighbors help grieving grandfather bring home harvest


Indiana farmer Steve Wollyung receives a helping hand at harvest time following the death of his granddaughter.

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“It was touching to see everyone,” said farmer Steve Wollyung of his friends’ support

Dozens of farmers show up to help Wollyung after granddaughter dies


An Indiana farming community rallied around a grieving grandfather at a time when he needed him most.

Steve Wollyung’s granddaughter, Ayla, died this month after being trapped in a grain wagon.

Time stands still when a family faces such a tragedy. But Wollyung is a farmer and the harvest season waits for no one.

In the days following the accident, a family friend called Wollyung’s wife to inquire about the work still to be done on their farm in Connersville. There were plenty of them, she said: more than 100 acres had to be developed, but Wollyung was understandably not able to do it all himself.

The friend, Tara Henry, had an idea. She enlisted a few local farmers to help her finish the job. On November 12, dozens of people showed up to help the Wollyungs, bringing equipment, goodwill and open hearts. While they were working, other neighbors brought snacks and drinks.

Neighbors complete the harvest of over 100 acres on Wollyung Farm in seven hours.

Neighbors complete the harvest of over 100 acres on Wollyung Farm in seven hours.

Wollyung told CNN affiliate WXIN-TV in Indianapolis that the support of the community completely overwhelmed him.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw everyone coming forward to help. All the support and the number of people who want to help is just overwhelming, ”he said. “It was moving to see everyone. Everything we needed they brought.

In seven hours the harvest was over. However, it became clear that the group had accomplished much more than agricultural work.

“There were a lot of tears, and it was so good to help them. It’s a great family. And with all the commotion in the world right now, it was so good to witness this, ”Henry said WXIN.

“Sadly, I wish help hadn’t come because of this tragedy, but it shows how much everyone appreciates Steve and how close this community is.”