Faith Viewpoint: Time to sing a new song at Harvest Home?

This year, the harvest seems earlier than ever.

The trees are moaning with apples, while the hedges are bursting with blackberries. I love to sing ‘We plow the fields and we scatter’!

Having lived mostly in arable country, surrounded by wheat, it made perfect sense.

However, in Cumbria the agriculture is very different. The steep hills, which you would never plow, are perfect for cattle. So do we need a

new verse for this much-loved anthem?

Our sheep graze the green sides of God,

Our cattle nibble hay.

And modern agricultural machinery

Help us work every day.

Our fridge is overflowing

The freezer is also full.

Give thanks to God for the farmers

Who feed us all so well.

All the good gifts that surround us.

It’s more Cumbrian! But let’s think about the second half of the verse. We are facing a credit crisis where filling the fridge will be more difficult for everyone, but impossible for many.

Do we need another verse…?

So why are people starving. When life is so beautiful? And some in crowded cities

Search trash cans for their food; And even some are hungry, Who cultivate in distant lands, Lord, help us to learn faster, To share with open hands.

As we come to celebrate the harvest, let’s think about it on two levels.

Yes, let’s truly celebrate the skills of our farmers and a bountiful harvest, but – more than ever – let’s be grateful for what we have and share as much as we can with those in need.

Remember, “God loves a cheerful giver”! (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)

Kate Hore, Beacon Mission Team, Kendal

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