Community mobilizes to harvest local farmers’ fields after he is diagnosed with cancer

The community of central Nebraska has grown even stronger. About 1,000 acres of corn were harvested on Tuesday, November 16, but it was no ordinary harvest. According to Greg Coleman’s son Chad, his father went to the doctor with chest pain, but when he left he found out he had stage 4 colon cancer.

“Things have changed. entered [to the hospital] for some chest pain and walked out knowing he had stage 4 colon cancer ”, said Chad. “He’s still undergoing treatment and maybe he’ll have his tumor removed here soon.” We’ll see where God takes us on it.

From there, the family started making plans “to get things done”. One of the tough jobs was figuring out how to harvest the nearly 1,000 acres of corn. Jim Coleman, a cousin of Greg, told Chad he wanted to organize a harvest event to help pick corn from the various fields. Once the word got out, neighbors, friends and family volunteered their time, equipment, and labor to help.

Ten combines, about forty-five semi-trucks and countless people ensured that the harvest was complete.

Greg’s brother Neil Colman said the support from the community has been amazing. He noted that they had to turn people away because many volunteered to help.

“People kept calling to set up trucks and combines. They had to refuse some of them. So many people wanted to come and help. It’s so humiliating ”, Daniel said.

With the harvesting process taken care of, the question of where to get the corn was the next step. This is where Adams Land & Cattle and Thomas Livestock in Merna came in. The two companies agreed to take as much corn as they could, allowing the trucks to empty their trailers and continue their round trips without having to stop for tests or other “normal” things. procedures.

Help did not stop in the fields. Bruning Bank helped feed the multiple crews by providing lunch which was delivered by AKRS Equipment. Off-Broadway also provided cookies and Dairy Queen provided Dilly Bars to thank the teams for dedicating their time and energy to a great cause.

Chad said, “I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me. Everyone who helped organize this, everyone who was involved in combine operators, truck drivers, tractor operators, everyone who played a role in everything. The community mobilized and helped.