This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. It’s no secret that the Earth’s biodiversity is under threat. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, 26% of all mammals, 14% of birds and 41% of amphibians are currently threatened worldwide,Read More →

By Vince McDonagh – June 2, 2022 Icelandic salmon farmer Arnarlax strengthens its smolt business following a key acquisition. The company has signed a share purchase agreement for the remaining 50% shares in the Eldisstöðin Ísþór smolt facility in Þorlákshöfn (pictured) in the south of the country. Arnarlax previously co-ownedRead More →

With the first cuts well underway and nearly complete in some areas, attention is quickly turning to fertilizer applications to replenish valuable nutrients ahead of the second cuts. There will be a desire to get the most out of all inputs given the high prices of fertilizer purchased this year,Read More →

The study focuses on key growth factors and developments that will help the market maintain momentum. The study includes a detailed overview of growth trends along with a comprehensive assessment of sales opportunities in major products, application/end-use industries, and technology segments across different regions. It gives a detailed picture ofRead More →

Carbon – until a few years ago the only time you heard the word spoken was when it ignited a set of spark plugs. Or, for the aging cohort of journalists who learned to type on old Adler clackety-clack sit-up-and-beg typewriters, carbon paper was the only way to ensure youRead More →

Collisions between agricultural vehicles and third parties are more than 40% more likely between May and September, according to claims data from NFU Mutual. As field work and summer harvests begin and agricultural traffic increases, the rural insurer is urging all road users to be extra careful over the comingRead More →

Something is wrong. Taken at face value, the March hog and hog report would imply that we should be harvesting less than 2.4 million animals per week right now. Someone is not reading the book correctly. So what are you supposed to believe? The USDA or those pesky facts? StrangeRead More →

Coffee and tea are the main cash crops grown here, but farmers also embrace pineapples and potatoes. With its burgeoning population, Alice Wamboi has found a perfect location to launch her value-added mushroom start-up. Named Mycellia and Foods Limited, Wamboi processes and packs dried mushrooms for sale. “I dry andRead More →

An agricultural revolution is taking shape in Siaya County, western Kenya, spearheaded by a former civil servant who has turned swathes of traditionally uncultivated land into an oasis of herbs and spices. The cultivation of herbs and spices has conquered international markets while creating a new agricultural renaissance in aRead More →

Algae are among the fastest growing organisms on the planet and are very regenerative if harvested correctly. The number one rule for sustainable harvesting is: don’t tear the algae from the rock. Always leave part of the seaweed attached and harvest by size. Here are some key considerations for ensuringRead More →

Raspberry picking robots developed by University of Plymouth spin-off company Fieldwork Robotics have now been deployed commercially in two locations in Portugal. The robots – equipped with four picking arms – successfully operate autonomously, with completely redesigned sensor technology and grippers to reduce slippage and reduce harvest time. The pickedRead More →

Farmer Greg and Farmer’s Footprint invite people to join their immersive three-week course in regenerative gardening and have a community experience just in time for spring and Earth Day. Hosted by Farmer Greg, a Southern California agrarian with a passion for growing organic food and co-founder of Sea and Soil,Read More →

One of the nation’s favorite food campaigns, with deep roots in the Westcountry, returns next week to champion all that’s great about quality home-raised beef. Great British Beef Week is the brainchild of Ladies in Beef, a voluntary organization of beef farmers founded in 2011 by Devon producer Jilly GreedRead More →

By Peggy Kirk Hall, Director of Agricultural Law, Ohio State University Agricultural and Resource Law Program Bills establishing new legal requirements for landowners who wish to terminate a verbal or uncertain farm lease and income tax credits for the sale of assets to beginning farmers now await Governor DeWine’s responseRead More →

From the mid-1700s, big changes were the order of the day in the Scottish countryside as the agricultural revolution took hold. Across the lowlands land was drained and closed off to form fields, and substantial commercial farms were established in place of the old subsistence land holdings and runrig system.Read More →

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWL) – In a 42-page complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, the National Farmer’s Union and a handful of other organizations representing farmers are asking the FTC to investigate John Deere over what they believe is violations of anti-trust and consumer protection laws. The complaint argues that theRead More →

By Editors – March 1, 2022 Aquaculture and technology company Ace Aquatec will supply its electric stunner to land-based fish farms planned by Pure Salmon. RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems) facilities will be located in Japan, France and the United States, and Pure Salmon already operates a RAS farm in Poland.Read More →

Canacona: In an achievement that has been hailed by agricultural authorities, farmers in Canacona taluka are reaping rich dividends from the innovative cultivation of black pepper. Officials said that an annual average of 200 tons of black pepper is produced by farmers. Among these farmers is Ajit Pai from Khawat,Read More →

Salmon giant SalMar reported last quarter operating profit of NOK 890m (£74m), more than double the fourth quarter 2020 figure of NOK 414m (£34.5m). sterling). The farms in northern and central Norway and Arnarlax, its Icelandic salmon farming subsidiary, have achieved excellent results. But the performance of Scottish Sea FarmsRead More →

Mowi ended 2021 with record revenues of just over €4.2bn (£3.5bn), the company said today. It also sold 466,000 tonnes of salmon and a record 248,000 tonnes of value-added products. Overall, Mowi recorded an operating EBIT (earnings before interest and tax) of €146 million (£122 million) in the fourth quarterRead More →

BY ABBEGAIL WAFI Many may get this impression of swampy vegetation and would doubt that a village along the mighty Sepik River could have the potential for cocoa cultivation, production and marketing. Cocoa farmers in Branda Village, Yuat LLG in Angoram District, recently started a cocoa farming initiative called “FarmerRead More →

Pig farmers in Northern Ireland have been made aware of the risk of African swine fever following a confirmed case in a wild boar in northern Italy. The province’s agriculture minister, Edwin Poots, pointed out this week that one potential route of transmission is through contaminated pork products – theRead More →

In this article, we look at what may qualify for special treatment as a farm loss and the scope of the special net operating loss rule. The term “farm loss” means the lesser of the NOL for that year, or the NOL for that year “if only income and deductionsRead More →

Farmer Sethpal Singh has always innovated, experimented and tried new things on his 15 hectare farm, which is nothing less than a laboratory. The 55-year-old farmer from Nandifirozpur village in Saharanpur district, Uttar Pradesh, was recently awarded the Padma Shri for his enterprise and investigative spirit. Sethpal is very carefulRead More →

A guard attached to Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, shot dead a farmer in Eripa, Boluwaduro Local Government Area, Osun State. The incident happened last weekend in the Odo-Ada district of the city allocated by the city to the deceased and his Tiv tribesmen for agricultural activities. The Tiv man wasRead More →

Humans have been harvesting salt since prehistoric times. Get in on the action by creating a model ocean and harvesting your own coarse flaky salt at home! SECURITY: Use the microwave TIME: 10 minutes, plus 24-48 hours flash time YIELD: Yields about 1 tablespoon of flaky salt ¼ cup distilledRead More →

There was tension in Ayamelum Local Government Area of ​​Anambra State following the horrific murder of Mr Okoye Tagbo, a middle-aged farmer. According to a resident, the remains of the deceased were found in a shallow grave near the scene of the attack, without a head, heart, hands, feet andRead More →