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Bastrop farmer braces for possible food shortage


MONROE, Louisiana (KNOE) – Farmers in Bastrop plan and plant in advance. They are closely monitoring the effects of the latest wave of COVID-19. The owners of Armstrong Farms say they are harvesting more crops than usual because some of the things they are harvesting are already selling.

They are focused on planting high-demand foods to deal with potential shortages during this second wave of COVID 19. Armstrong Farms says that right now, it’s difficult to keep their signature item on the shelves.

“Well, we rolled the peacoat purple peas. We have about 60 acres of it and we are hulling it right now. As soon as we shell them, people come and buy them and we can’t keep them in stock, ”said Ashley Armstrong, owner of Armstrong Farms.

Whether it’s because of its popularity or the COVID 19 pandemic, farmers say it’s inspired them to do more this year. So they also plant tomatoes, squash, mustard greens, soybeans and cucumbers.

“Everything we try to do will go from farm to fork. Almost anything you would buy at the grocery store, we try to produce some on the farm, ”said Harper Armstrong, co-owner of Armstrong Farm.

They say they want to be prepared to serve more people, even though farmers across the country are doing it with less.

“Well, there is a shortage of people who actually cultivate these peas because before we had a machine to pick them, everything was worked manually and now we don’t have the manual labor to do it anymore, which was necessary. before, “said Harper.

We’ve talked before about the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the agriculture industry – it has devastated some people. These farmers say they were too blessed during this disaster not to think about how to help others.

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