A farmer jumps into a burning field to save his neighbor! The tractor stopped the path of fire, the video will make you cry

London: To save his neighbor’s house from the terrible fire in the field, a brave farmer jumped into the burning field and harvested the crop in front of the fire, not caring about burning. Seeing this sight, anyone can sweat, but the farmer who was driving his tractor was not at all scared. Firefighters were rushing to the scene as the blaze grew, but farmer Bill Alexander, instead of waiting, decided to go ahead and fight himself and made a firebreak in the field with his tractor.

A massive fire broke out in a field near Maidstone, Kent, UK on Saturday afternoon, The Sun reported. The flames were visible several miles away, which extended over an area of ​​approximately 20 acres. When the fire picked up wind, the speed of its spread increased and it began to move rapidly towards a house on the edge of the field. Seeing this, a farmer stepped forward and jumped into the burning field to save his neighbor.

The tractor ran a few meters from the fire
In the video, the farmer can be seen using his tractor to cut the path of the fire, which is just a few meters away from the fire and smoke. The video was captured by farm owner Andy Barr and praised the farmer for his bravery. He wrote: “Please tell everyone to be careful. This photo was taken by my son, Bill Alexander and Johnny & Ellie saved his house when the fire moved to my brother’s house.
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Heat sets fire in cold countries
The fire continued to blaze for 90 minutes before being extinguished but fortunately no local civilians were injured. On the other hand, in Europe where it was cold even in summer, heat waves are now rife. Forest fires have also been reported, due to which a lot of damage is caused. Satellite images of the damage caused by the fire are also emerging. We can see in these images that a large forest has been reduced to ashes due to a fire in Western Europe.

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