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91-year-old farmer helps North Dakota corn harvest

EMMONS COUNTY, ND (KFYR / Gray News) – It is said that if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.

So, that being said, if you find a job that you still want to do at 91, you’ve definitely chosen the right career.

In Emmons County, 91-year-old Albert Weber still does what he loves: helping with the harvest, KFYR reported.

This is where he is happiest. He lived here and cultivated this land all his life.

“I was born here on this farm,” he said.

He believes he has been harvesting crops here for 85 years.

“I probably started when I was 6,” recalls Albert Weber. “That’s a lot of harvests!

And this year he is learning to operate a new combine harvester.

“We sold his old combine, he was driving it and we put him on it,” says Albert Weber’s son Dan.

It didn’t take long for her to get comfortable in the driver’s seat.

“It’s like driving a car,” said Albert Weber.

Agriculture is in Weber’s blood. Three generations of Webers now work this land.

We’re lucky, that’s for sure, ”noted Dan Weber.

Helping with the harvest was Albert Weber’s whole idea.

“Earlier this week he called me and asked if we were using the second combine,” recalls Albert’s grandson Brady Weber. “I told him, no, we weren’t because we didn’t have anyone to drive him. He said, ‘I’m going to jump in there and I’m going to throw it and see what we can do.’ “

With Albert’s help, the Webers are expected to finish harvesting in the next few days.

Each turn of the combine brings memories of past harvests, good years and bad years.

“1952 was a dry year,” said Albert Weber. ” Many things have changed ! We didn’t have combines when I was growing up.

This year’s maize crop is not great. “Next year will be better,” he said.

This positive attitude is what kept Albert Weber going through all these years.

His work ethic is inspiring, but Albert Weber said he’s not that special.

“I’m sure there are other guys my age doing the same,” he said.

“It might be strange for someone to be here at 91, but to me it would be strange if he wasn’t,” added Brady Weber.

Albert Weber plans to be here to help with the harvest for as long as he can. He is already thinking about next year, sharing his love of farming and reaping the rewards of a long life.

“If I’m still here, I’ll be there!” he said.

The Webers hope to be done with the corn harvest in a few days. Now that it is deer season, they will hunt in the morning and then regroup in the afternoon until they complete their deer tags.

And yes, Albert Weber has a stag tag to fill out.

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