Program Description

Bikkurim aims to help organizations forged around new ideas to take root and flourish through its program for post-startups, known as Atid Hazak.

Atid Hazak (‘Strong Future’) supports post-startup organizations (8-15 years old) as they prepare to grow and scale. Organizations enrolled in Atid Hazak work with Bikkurim over a period of two years to strengthen infrastructure, streamline operations, and plan for growth. Bikkurim serves as a ‘general contractor’ helping the organization to identify areas of challenge and invest internal and external resources strategically. Work with each organization is highly customized. By filling in gaps and addressing weaker areas, organizations will increase efficiency, effectiveness, and impact in real time. As growth priorities and plans are formulated, the organization will be positioned for significant investment and exponential growth.

Atid Hazak graduates will be deemed successful if, at the end of two years, they:

  • Increase organizational efficiency
  • Gain clarity about market demand and options for growth
  • Understand their key levers of impact
  • Are able to measure impact
  • Increase leadership bench strength at all levels of the organization
  • Make a compelling case to investors

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