Bikkurim admits two new startups to its incubator

Bikkurim Admits Two New Startups to Incubator ImmerseNYC and the Shefa School will receive combined package of funding, in-kind resources, and capacity building over two years, valued at $120,000 per organization (June 27, 2013) Bikkurim has accepted two new organizations into its incubator program: The Shefa School ( is the first pluralistic Jewish day school … Read more

Bikkurim announces Atid Hazak, a new initiative for the post-startup phase

In spring 2012, Bikkurim identified significant gaps in the support of post-start-up organizations. Today, Bikkurim announces a new initiative to address this need. Through Atid Hazak (Strong Future) Bikkurim will provide a bridge to enable second-stage Jewish organizations to strengthen their foundations as they mature. “Over the past decade, we have seen a surge in … Read more