Applying to Bikkurim

Incubator Residency

bk_img_6Bikkurim will not be taking new applications to the incubator program in 2014-15. We are marking the Jewish shemita (Sabbatical) year by pausing to reflect on the past 14 years of incubation, synthesize what we have learned, and assess the state of the field. If you are interested in incubation at Bikkurim, please fill out a pre-application, so we can share that information with colleague organizations offering support to early-stage initiatives, and so that your project can be considered for future rounds of incubation at Bikkurim.

For additional information, please contact:
Eugene Rabina, Administrative Coordinator
(212) 284-6896 |

To be considered for future rounds of incubation, applicant groups should be:

  • Early stage (founded within the past five years)
  • Headquartered in New York City
  • A nonprofit organization (either a registered 501(c)3, aiming to become one, or to become or part of one)
  • A project that works within the Jewish community

We will consider organizations that meet our criteria in the following areas:

  • Content – the project is innovative, brings added value to the Jewish landscape and direct benefit to the Jewish people.
  • Leadership – key activists have an entrepreneurial spirit, can devote sufficient time and energy to the project, and are eager to participate in the Bikkurim community.
  • Readiness – the organization is ripe for accelerated growth, has realistic and feasible goals, is open to advice and critique, and can demonstrate a commitment to building up the organization.

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Atid Hazak

The process for bringing new organizations into Atid Hazak is still under development. Interested organizations and funders should contact the executive director, Aliza Mazor.

General Eligibility Criteria

Organizations best positioned to take advantage of Atid Hazak are relatively stable, have a proven program model, market demand, and an appetite for growth. They are:

  • Post-startup (8-15 years old)
  • Growing steadily, with a budget of $1-5 million
  • Founded by entrepreneurs or grassroots leaders
  • Innovative, having successfully advanced new concepts, models, or programs
  • Recognized for significant impacts that are relevant to broad elements of the Jewish community
  • Of interest to multiple potential investors